Have you ever asked yourself what the big deal is about handmade soaps ?

I've heard many people say that the $0.99 bar at the grocery store will just do. Sure, that's true. It'll do!

But have you ever wondered what you are really putting on your skin with those bars that'll "just do"?

Do you ever wonder what the real difference is to the handmade bars of soap that Springhouse Scents has to offer?

At Springhouse Scents we use skinloving vegetable based oils including a high percentage of Pure Olive Oil. Why? Because your and our skin is worth being pampered. We consider Olive Oil one of the most wonderful oils in todays Soap Market so we wouldn't want to have it any other way. Some soaps are even more boosted with incredibly valuable and soothing butters such as pure shea butter and cocoa butter. So we're pretty sure that once you try our handmade soap, you'll never go back to that 0.99 bar at the Grocery Store.

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